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Joseph Stavrach

Founder & CEO

Joseph Stavrach has over 30 years of experience in the real estate market. Joseph has a special talent when it comes to identifying underutilized properties and undeveloped sites. With that talent, Joseph has brought Triangle Assets from their first 8,000 SF property in 1986, to owning and managing over 1,000,000 SF in NYC. When Joseph had started off, he had vision of Harlem in 1986 to be transformed into a vibrant community in which it is today. He purchased a 4 story mixed use building at 1878 Lexington Ave along with his brothers.

When the market had turned for the worse, Joseph and his brothers took the same vision and courage and purchased a 300,000 SF property in Herald Square, a 150,000 SF property in the heart of the Diamond District, as well as a 60,000 SF property in SoHo. The Stavrachs’ stabilized the 80% vacant properties within 18 months and realized over 300% profit on their investment. Their vision continued over the Brooklyn Bridge into Dumbo. Joseph purchased a 178,000 SF vacant building at the foot of Jay Street. The building had been closed and abandoned since the early 70’s. With the Stavrach family’s combined experience and day to day management, they brought the building to 100% occupancy within 24 months. The Eyesore of Dumbo had become the rising star on Jay Street.

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