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About Us

Owned and operated by the Stavrach family for over 30 years, Triangle Assets has been a prominent and active participant in the New York real estate arena. We are a real estate investment company with a strong and steady finger on the pulse of the market and a reputation for integrity, strength and sound investment strategies. We bring an unsurpassed level of knowledge and expertise in all facets of the real estate industry to all our endeavors. Our focus has consistently been to acquire properties with maximum potential for improvement and growth value.

Triangle Assets has achieved an outstanding level of success by maintaining a keen ability to recognize and capitalize on unique investment opportunities. Our depth of experience and insight enables us to identify undervalued assets along with the causes for their current valuation. Our resources and relationships provide us with the purchasing power to act quickly and close on these opportunities efficiently. Through a variety of methods we are then able to reduce operating expenses while making capital improvements which will reposition the property as an attractive asset for resale at significant profit. Triangle Assets has been able to consistently produce triple digit growth in the value of our assets.

Triangle Assets is actively involved with each and every one of our properties. We maintain our own in-house staff of skilled property management professionals along with close ties to a network of premier service providers. These enable us to operate and improve on our properties in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our Philosophy

Identify strong investment opportunities through careful scrutiny and selection based on knowledge and keen market sense. Possible sources of under performance may include:

  • Mismanagement

  • Excessively high expenses

  • High vacancy rates

  • Outdated amenities

  • Poor space configuration

  • Deteriorated facilities


Utilize resources and relationships to close quickly on an opportunity at the best price and most effective financing avenues. Some of our unique resources include:

  • Long term broker relationships

  • Long term lender relationships

  • Financial liquidity

  • In-house appraisal team

  • In-house law team

  • In-house accounting team


Institute innovative processes of operation, management, cost reduction, re-configuration, redevelopment and capital improvements. Sample areas of focus would be:

  • Modernization of amenities including security and elevators

  • Modernization of technology, including phone and data

  • Facility renovation

  • New construction

  • Improved space allocation

  • Reduce overhead and operating expenses

  • Increase rental rates

  • Increase occupancy


Identify the most opportune time and stage for repositioning the property for resale or refinance at maximum returns on investment. This process includes:

  • Analysis of overall market conditions and forecasts

  • Accurate appraisal of increase in property’s value

  • Optimum financial markets condition

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