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ODA Unveils a Residential Tower Featuring Open Sky Gardens Every Two Floors

In their pursuit to improve the quality of urban life and increase the amount of green space in the city, ODA New York has unveiled plans for a stunning residential tower featuring "open floors", each 16 feet high, between every two floors.

"There is a huge disconnect between how we live in our cities and what we need, as human beings, for quality of life," said Eran Chen, the founder and executive director. "I don’t think that we should be forced to choose between enduring in the city, or escaping to suburban areas. So, with all of our projects we look for ways to amplify natural light and provide access to green spaces, and this is the ultimate example."

Each "gap" will cover 2,800 square-foot, meaning each apartment will essentially have a 1,400 square-feet of open private garden. The height of the space has also been specially selected to allow a suffusion of sunlight throughout, while the full height structures will reduce the wind load without ruining the beautiful 360-degree views.

According to Benjamin Starch, the director of leasing and property management at Triangle Assets, the building's developer, construction will most likely begin in either by May 2016. Of course, the luxury of having a huge private outdoor space in the middle of the city will certainly come with a high price tag...

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