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ODA's Futuristic Midtown Tower Features 'Private Sky Gardens'

ODA Architecture is throwing back to the Space Age with its latest designs for a tower at 303 East 44th Street, which is being developed by Triangle Equities. The top half of the building will feature 16-foot gaps between every two floors that are separated by white beams, The Real Deal reports. The spaces between the floors will be turned into private, outdoor sculpture gardens. "There's going to be a time in New York City where living without a substantial outdoor space is just going to be unacceptable. It's going to be like living in the suburbs without a backyard," ODA principal Eran Chen told TRD. "All these towers that don't have them are going to lose their value."

The 600-foot-tall building will have 41 floors, with the lower half of the building devoted to one- and two-bedroom apartments, and full-floor units starting on the 23rd floor. Five of the outdoor private gardens are separated by two floors each, and those apartments have about 2,800 square feet of space, while the garden measures 1,400 square feet. The penthouse has access to the sixth garden.

When Curbed first took a look at this project in April, the designs were slightlydifferent. While the outdoor gardens remained, the apartments were a combination of brick and glass, whereas the full-floor apartments are now all glass, as is the rest of the building.

Apart from this tower, ODA has dozens of projects in the works all throughout the city, many featuring similar futuristic designs. This partciular project is expected to be completed sometime in 2017.

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