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The New Players of Commercial Real Estate 30 Under 30

Benjamin Stavrach, 21

Vice President of Development and Director of Leasing and Property Management at Triangle Assets

Benjamin Stavrach got an up-close-and-personal introduction to real estate.

His father, Joseph Stavrach, the chief executive officer of Triangle Assets, moved his desk over to make room for him. The senior Mr. Stavrach instructed his son to keep his eyes and ears open during every phone call and every meeting.

“I really learned from him for a year,” the junior Mr. Stavrach said. “He taught me everything I needed to know.”

That was in October 2013 when he started at Triangle Assets in Manhattan after working at his father’s Safdi Plaza Realty in Brooklyn. That period shadowing his father allowed Mr. Stavrach to move from the development and construction side of the business into leasing and managing. ​

“At that time, it had a 30 percent vacancy rate, which is a lot,” he said. “I brought it to 100 percent occupancy in 60 days” through working late nights and weekends. The property has remained at 98 to 100 percent occupancy since, he said.

This March, Mr. Stavrach was promoted to director of leasing and property management (as well as vice president of development) “based on my performance, attention and devotion to my job,” he said. He is the primary leasing agent and manager for three Triangle Assets Midtown office properties with 450,000 square feet: 2 West 46th Street, 369 Lexington Avenue and 255 West 36th Street.—L.E.S.

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