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The Stavrach Family Donates The Aishel Shabbat Warehouse

Aishel Shabbat's New Warehouse was donated by the Stavrach & Zeytouneh Families in loving memory of their father, Shlomo ben Roza Stavrach. The warehouse is located at 1002 Quentin Road in Brooklyn, NY. It boasts a spacious layout, high celings, beautiful lighting & an amazing central location! The warehouse is open, packing & delivering has been flourishing and our volunteers love the new prime location.

We at Aishel Shabbat would like to thank the Stavrach & Zeytouneh Families for their continuous support & generosity. Without philanthropists like yourselves, Aishel Shabbat would not be capable of continuing to deliver the desperatly needed food packages to its 250 less fortunate in our Brooklyn commUNITY.

The Stavrach Family founded Aishel Shabbat in November of 2002 delivering to just 6 families. Within 12 months the list grew to 200 families. Aishel Shabbat consists of 100% volunteers which include; community members, teachers, students and parents.


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