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An Innovative & Strategic Blend of Principles



1) Identify strong investment opportunities through careful scrutiny and selection based on knowledge and keen market sense. Possible sources of under performance may include:

  • Mismanagement

  • Excessively high expenses

  • High vacancy rates

  • Outdated amenities

  • Poor space configuration

  • Deteriorated facilities



2) Utilize resources and relationships to close quickly on an opportunity at the best price and most effective financing avenues. Some of our unique resources include:

  • Long term broker relationships

  • Long term lender relationships

  • Financial liquidity

  • In-house appraisal team

  • In-house law team

  • In-house accounting team



3) Institute innovative processes of operation, management, cost reduction, re-configuration, redevelopment and capital improvements. Sample areas of focus would be:

  • Modernization of amenities including security and elevators

  • Modernization of technology, including phone and data

  • Facility renovation

  • New construction

  • Improved space allocation

  • Reduce overhead and operating expenses

  • Increase rental rates

  • Increase occupancy



4) Identify the most opportune time and stage for repositioning the property for resale or refinance at maximum returns on investment. This process includes:

  • Analysis of overall market conditions and forecasts

  • Accurate appraisal of increase in property’s value

  • Optimum financial markets condition

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